File A Complaint

The Board investigates complaints against licensed landscape architects and registered landscape architect firms accused of misconduct. If the Board finds that a licensee or registered corporation has violated the North Carolina Board of Landscape Architect Licensing Act or the Board's rules, it can suspend or revoke their license.

The Board cannot give legal advice or act as your attorney. The Board cannot assist in resolving disputes involving the payment of fees and the Board cannot order monies to be paid or refunded to you or contracts to be cancelled. If you have these types of problems, you should consult your own attorney.

After you submit the complaint, you will be given an email address to send documents relating to your complaint. Furnish copies of all documents relating to your complaint (contracts, letters, reports, etc.) retaining the originals for your file. If your total file size is too large to email please mail either a paper or electronic copy on CD or flash drive to the Board.

Included below are links to downloadable PDFs for more information about the complaint process and a printable complaint form.

Complaint Form

Person Making Complaint
Person Complained Against
Person(s) with Information About the Incident
(if different from person making complaint)
Details of Complaint

(Provide address where work was performed, describe work, and identify specific plan, survey or report)


The undersigned hereby swears that the foregoing statement and evidence submitted are true.