Important Update on CLARB Communications about the LARE Transition!

CLARB has created an FAQ document that you may reference for LARE transition questions. Please reach out to CLARB if you have questions related to the transition.

Additional communications efforts include:

In January 2023, CLARB mailed postcards to candidates regarding the transition to allow for another modality of communication to help ensure our messages are being received by all who may be impacted. These postcards included a QR code linking candidates to the LARE transition webpage on the CLARB website,

CLARB has also updated the LARE registration process to include an attestation with details about the transition so any candidate registering for the exam is aware and educated on the transition prior to signing up.

Finally, the LARE Orientation Guide has been updated to include details about the transition.

Please be sure to check out the CLARB website for any information about the LARE transition.