New Licensure Portal Online

The new licensure portal system is now online and available for new licensees and existing licensees.

New Licensees

New licensees can now apply for licensure using the portal system. Please review the Individual Licensure Application page for information about requirements and the application process.

Existing Licensees

Existing licensees need to complete the following steps in order to begin using the license portal. 

  1. Navigate to the new system login page using any web browser on your phone or computer.
    New Portal URL 
  2. Enter your Login Email
    This is the email address associated with your license.
  3. Enter the temporary login password to gain access to your account.
    The temporary password is Certemy2021! (It IS case sensitive).
  4. View and accept your certifications.
    Once logged in, you will see your license(s) on the left side of the screen. Click Accept for each license to confirm and maintain the certificate(s).
  5. Complete your Licensing Requirements
    Completing the steps/requirements for each license is easy. First select the license on the right side of your screen to view or complete the corresponding requirement. (TIP: You'll see the status (complete, partially complete, incomplete) for each step together with the due date. The system will automatically send you email alerts as you approach the due date for an incomplete step.
  6. Change your password
    After you've completed the initial login and have accepted your certifications, log out and use the Reset Your Password link to create a new password.

Once you've completed this initial login and acceptance process, you can login each time you want to work on your license(s). 

Important Notes

  • Log into the new system any time to continue updating and maintaining your license(s).
  • Each time you login you will see how many steps/requirements you must still complete and when those steps/requirements are due.
  • The due dates assigned to each step will help you complete your renewal on time. You must complete all requirements by your license expiration date to ensure timely renewal.

What will the new system let you do?

  • Start your renewal from our website
  • Complete your renewal online, using any phone or computer, 24x7
  • Upload and manage your license files and documents online in a “Digital Wallet”
  • Pay your renewal fee online - or upload proof of physical payment
  • Receive email reminders that keep you on time and on task so you never forget something
  • Receive email alerts when we have reviewed and approved your submissions
  • Receive a digital copy of your certificate upon completion

Technical Support/Questions

For any technical support/questions about the portal system please contact:

(866) 907-4088